1、on-site interview;



4、Company address: No. 8 Huihao Industrial Park, Heshuikou Community, Guangming New District, Shenzhen;

Foreign trade salesman (1 person)

1.Responsible for the development, management and maintenance of customers, responsible for developing and maintaining overseas markets.

Seek current and future business development opportunities, and endeavour to develop new customer resources;

2.To carry out effective order quotation, timely collation of customer resources

3.Be able to adjust business focus according to customer needs, and endeavour to improve business quality.

4.Mutual co-ordination with various departments to follow up the progress of orders and ensure timely shipment of orders;

5.Alibaba website product update and maintenance.


Appointment qualifications:

1, men and women are not limited, age 20-40 years old;

2、Specialist degree or above, more than one year sales experience in mechanical equipment factory and familiar with quotation skills;

3、Snappy reaction, strong expression ability, strong communication ability and social skills.

4、English grade 6 or above, more than 2 years of foreign trade work experience.

Mechanical Design Engineer (1 person)

1. Responsible for the mechanical structure design, technical support and guidance of installation and commissioning of electronic welding equipment and peripheral products.

2. Responsible for internal and external technical communication, product acceptance, collection of technical data, etc.;

3. Participate in product trial production tracking, assembly and debugging work;

4. Solve technical problems in the process of production, assembly and debugging of products;



1. Gender is not limited, under 30 years old:

2. College degree or above;

3. More than 2 years working experience;

4. Proficient in using AutoCAD and Solidwroks mechanical design software;

5. Proficient in using Word, Excel and other office software;

6. Obey the work arrangement, work seriously and responsibly.

7. Experience in tooling and fixtures is preferred

After-sales engineer (1 person)

1、Responsible for wave soldering and other equipment on-site installation, commissioning and training;

2, the customer in the installation, commissioning and use of products in the process of providing technical training and guidance on the use and maintenance;

3, familiar with wave soldering and other working principles and internal structure and can wave soldering and other equipment for debugging and operation;

4、Electrician certificate is preferred;

Assembly electrician (2 persons)

1、Strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the company and the factory.

2, to ensure the safe operation of the equipment belonging to the full completion of the production tasks assigned by the superiors.

3, the occurrence of accidents in a timely manner to report, and actively deal with the discovery of hidden dangers should be actively dealt with, can not be dealt with should be reported in a timely manner.

4, the implementation of equipment operation, maintenance, overhaul procedures.

5、Familiar with high and low voltage switchgear, inverter and other power equipment is preferred;



1、Healthy body, age below 45 years old;

2, can read the diagram wiring, have more than 2 years of work experience:

3, will be strong and weak electricity, hands-on ability, have electrician certificate;

4, can bear hardships and stand hard work, coordination and strong sense of service;

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