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Welding Modules

Specialised in high-end wave soldering for 15 years



Selective Wave Soldering | Wave Soldering

  • Description
    • Commodity name: Welding Modules

    Specialised in high-end wave soldering for 15 years

    The main advantage of using solenoid pumps

    • The whole module adopts 3-axis servo motor control, which has high control accuracy.

    • Minimum nozzle inner diameter 3mm, spot welding or drag welding can be selected according to different through-hole components.

    • Adjustable crest height of 5mm, greatly improving the solder climb rate of through-hole components.

    • Option to install double tin furnace double nozzle for more flexible welding. Nitrogen shielded welding slag is very small, about 1Kg/week.

    • Real-time monitoring of tin furnace temperature. Peak height monitoring. Real-time monitoring of liquid level. 

    • Inorganic olive moving parts, no wear.

    Technical parameters 

    ZSWHPS series

    Tin furnace spout location

    Medium and consistent

    Solder is ugly

    13 Kg

    Jingda welding temperature


    Minimum inner diameter of welding nozzles

    2 mm, outer diameter 3mmI 2mm

    Maximum crest height


    Welding speed X, Y-axis

    10 mm/s

    Positioning speed X, Y-axis

    200 mm/s

    Positioning speed Z-axis

    100 mm/s

    Positioning accuracy

    ±0.15 mm

    Welding X-axis travel (max. M)


    Welding Y-axis travel (max. M)


    Tin furnace Z-axis spindle stroke


    The maximum movable speed of the tin furnace


    Control system

    3-axis servo control


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