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V Tunnel type full nitrogen wave soldering series

Specialised in high-end wave soldering for 15 years



Selective Wave Soldering | Wave Soldering

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    • Commodity name: V Tunnel type full nitrogen wave soldering series

    Specialised in high-end wave soldering for 15 years


    1、Tunnel type nitrogen filling method
    2、Improve the welding quality 70-90%
    3、Saving flux 70-80%
    4、Save dart clarification 70-90%.
    5、Liquid less equipment maintenance time 60-90
    6、Mixed-flow production to enhance the use of equipment 40-80
    7、Save electricity 20-40%
    8、Save fixture sliding wash cost 70 - 90%

    VIP wave soldering series technical parameters comparison table

    Form factor

    7150x1605x1650mm     7150x1865x1650mm


    PCB shipping direction

    L--->R   (R --->L Optional)                                                           

    Power supply (2-phase 5-wire)

    3P5W380VAC,   50/60HZ 140A 3 P5W380VAC, 50/60HZ 140A

    3P5W380VAC, 50/60HZ 145

    Power supply power requirements


    Air source power requirements

    0.3- 0.7MPa

    Total power



    Normal operating power



    Control mode


    Preheating method

    Hot air/infrared/spotlight optional

    Preheating fan speed regulation mode

    Infinitely variable frequency speed regulation

    Warm-up zone benefits


    Length of warm-up zone


    Preheat temperature

    Room temperature - 280 'C

    Preheating and temperature control mode

    PID+SSR mode

    How the wave crest operates

    Mechanical pumps

    Tin furnace heat release tube power


    1.5KW* 12

    Tin furnace capacity (Tin Bimi 7.5)


    APPROX. 820KG

    The tin furnace limits the temperature withstand

    MAX: 300°C

    The limit operating temperature of the tin furnace

    MAX: 280'C

    Tin furnace control mode

    PID+SSR building type

    Wave peak drive power

                                                           1/2HPx2 3P 220VAC     

                                                        1/2HP+1HP 3P 220VAC

    1/2HPx1 1HPx1 3P 220VAC

    Wave height adjustment method

    Frequency conversion adjustment

    Tin furnace heating time

    150MIN set temperature 260°C

    180M IN Set temperature 26 0°C

    PCB transfer speed

    0- 1800mm / m in

    PCB board width range

                                                         120-350mm        120-510mm


    PCB board component height

    Top: 120mm Bottom: 24mm

    PCB inlet shipping height

    750 soil 20mm

    Transportation rail inclination

    Standard 5.5° fixed, adjustable by about 50 norms

    Earth 0.5°

    Transport motor power

    90W  3P 220VAC

    Transport motor speed regulation mode

    Frequency conversion speed regulation

    Nitrogen consumption is the most

    15m3/ h100ppm or less

    Nitrogen source pressure


    Oxygen content of nitrogen source


    Number of nitrogen flow meters


    Flux flow

    10 - 100ml/ MIN

    Spray air pressure

    0 .25MPA - 0 .5MPA 

    Exhaust fan

    380VAC 750W

    Exhaust pipe diameter 


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